Bank Terbaik Indonesia

Bank Terbaik Indonesia - Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) mengajukan nama Menteri Keuangan Agus DW Martowardojo untuk diuji kelayakan dan kepatutan sebagai calon Gubernur Bank Indonesia (BI) menggantikan Darmin Nasution yang habis masa jabatannya 23 Mei 2013.

"Dalam surat yang diajukan semalam (Jumat, 22/2), nama Agus DW Martowardojo yang diajukan," kata Ketua DPR RI Marzuki Alie saat dihubungi di Jakarta, Sabtu.

Marzuki menambahkan, nama Agus diajukan Presiden sebagai calon tunggal Gubernur Bank Indonesia untuk dilakukan uji kelayakan dan kepatutan oleh Komisi XI DPR RI.

"Untuk peluangnya kita serahkan pada Komisi XI yang akan menguji Agus Martowardojo," katanya.

Surat Presiden kepada Pimpinan DPR tertanggal 22 Februari 2013 No R-07/Pres/02/2013 dengan hal : Usul calon Gub BI Periode 2013-2018.

Agus Martowardojo sebelumnya pernah dicalonkan sebagai Gubernur BI pada 2008 lalu namun gagal dan ditolak oleh Komisi XI DPR.

Darmin Nasution yang banyak dipuji kepemimpinannya di
Bank Terbaik Indonesia sebelumnya menjabat sebagai Deputi Gubernur Senior Bank Indonesia untuk masa jabatan 2009-2014 berdasarkan Keputusan Presiden RI No.57/P Tahun 2009, tertanggal 17 Juli 2009 dan diambil sumpahnya (dilantik) pada tanggal 27 Juli 2009.

Darmin kemudian naik pangkat menjadi Gubernur BI menggantikan Boediono yang menjadi Wapres setelah terbitnya Keputusan Presiden Republik Indonesia Nomor 38/P Tahun 2009 tanggal 19 Mei 2009 tentang pemberhentian Boediono dari jabatan Gubernur Bank Indonesia, sehingga Darmin Nasution, selanjutnya menjalankan tugas pekerjaan Gubernur sebagai Pejabat Sementara Gubernur Bank Indonesia.

Kemudian sesuai dengan Keputusan Presiden RI No.95/P Tahun 2010 tanggal 21 Agustus 2010, Darmin dilantik sebagai Gubernur Bank Indonesia pada tanggal 1 September 2009, namun dengan tetap menggantikan masa kerja Boediono sebelumnya yang berakhir 22 Mei mendatang. Zodiak

Bank Indonesia Atur Kepemilikan Saham Tunggal Bank

Bank Indonesia Atur Kepemilikan Saham Tunggal Bank - Bank Indonesia finally issued a circular concerning a sole proprietorship in Indonesian banks. This provision is still reported by BI although there is no agreement in Parliament on sole ownership clause in the Banking Law Revision.

Circular Letter No. 15/2/DPNP reported yesterday is implementing the provisions of the Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 14/24/PBI/2012 Sole Ownership on Bank Indonesia. In these rules, BI mentions three options for controlling shareholder in more than one bank. First, memerger its banks. Second, establish a holding company in banking. Third, establish a holding function. Designated third option can only be applied by the controlling shareholder in the bank incorporated in Indonesia and bank-owned.

This provision applies to both the controlling shareholder who has had more than one bank or who will do the acquisition. The central bank gave time to the controlling shareholder of the owner of several banks to submit plans and a petition to the central bank a maximum of three months of ownership regulation applies, ie, December 26, 2012. This means that banks have until the end of March 2013.

This rule was promoted to Governor of Bank Indonesia banking industry at the annual meeting in Bank Indonesia, November 2012. At that time, Nasution said the rules would refine a sole proprietorship. "Refinements performed with the option to reopen the establishment of a holding company (holding company)," he said. Even so, Darmin promising incentives for banks that will be merged or consolidated.

In the circular mentioned four special incentives available to voters the option of merger or consolidation. First, while the relaxation of statutory compliance. Second, the extension of completion time overrun Lending Limit (LLL). Third, the ease of opening a branch office. Fourth, while easing the implementation of good corporate governance (GCG).

The main purpose of improving the bank's sole ownership rules, Darmin explained, is to increase economies of scale banks core capital remained under $ 1 trillion. In another occasion, Nasution also briefly stated that improvements sole ownership rules also related to Bank Indonesia Regulation concerning 14/8/PBI/2012 Shareholding Commercial Banks. Referring to the rule, it is likely there will be some unhealthy banks should restructure their shares to the other party to release in 2014.

Earlier, the House Finance Committee Vice Chairman Harry Azhar Azis said there had been no political decision relating to sole ownership clause in the Banking Law. "I am still mixed feeling," he said last January.

He admitted that the holding could be a middle ground for debate on a sole proprietorship. "Holding could be an exit strategy," he said. Even so, he explained, the alternatives are varied.

Related debate, described Harry, could have gone into the issue of conglomeration. "The group had a few banks do not conglomerate, does not determine the price., But if there is a group of two or three banks dominate and determine the interest rate, deposit rates, or not to?" he said.